Jeff Luke is a Seattle-based photographer who enjoys writing on a number of topics related to a his travel adventures (Jeffrey Luke's Brazil Diary) and his passion for photography and investing.

Jeff photographs internationally for newspapers, magazines and websites. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, and USA Today, among other publications.

He has photographed Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Dr. Jane Goodall, and Michael Jordan. In addition to photojournalism and portrait photography, his Animal Donut photographs appear in gallery shows, on instagram (@animaldonut) and the website

His books include: "Stock Market Intelligence" (2018) "Stock Market Success" (2017), "Captain of your Camera" (2016), "Animal Donut" (2015), "Shoot It Sell It" (2015) and "Unsnapshots" (2014).

He lives and works in Seattle, WA where he photographs, teaches, and writes about photography.